At After, Inc. we believe in sustainable production as one of the most important investments in our future. By using the latest technology and insights we are constantly decreasing our footprint and optimizing tools and methods to be more eco-friendly.

Paper Sourcing
We only source paper and envelopes from environmentally-friendly providers who purchase their pulp from sustainable forests that plant more trees than they harvest.
Paper Recycling
We recycle all unused paper and wooden pallets, and encourage the use of recycle messaging on all direct mail.
Response Modeling
We use predictive modeling to only send direct mail to those most likely to respond.
Extensive Data Hygiene
We utilize multiple address enhancement databases and validation techniques to maximize mail deliverability and minimize waste.
Printing Equipment & Capabilities
Our in-house printing facility utilizes a cutting-edge printing system that maximizes volume and flexibility and minimizes downtime. With its four-color digital printing capabilities, we significantly reduce paper waste due to roll changes and the need to scrap pre-printed client templates due to branding changes.
  • Post-Consumer Waste
    (PCW) Paper
    Beginning in 2023 we will only source paper that is 10-15% PCW or recycled pulp fiber.
  • Forest Stewardship Council
    (FSC) Guidelines
    Our mail pieces will all be printed on ECO mail stock that meets FSC guidelines.
  • Ongoing Early Emails and Digital-First Testing
    We will continue to implement early emails and shift additional sales to online channels to reduce direct mail volumes.
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