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Warranty Administration

Bring all critical aspects of warranty administration into a single warranty system – standardizing business rules and data capture at every step.

Our administration solutions create better customer experiences while also controlling costs through comprehensive entitlement and adjudication processes.

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  • 23%
    Lower Program Costs
  • 45%
    Faster Claims Processing
  • 15%
    Service Fraud and Over-Repair Reduction

Industry-Leading Claims Administration Platform

Contract & Claims Administration
Our flexible, easy-to-use interface helps streamline processes.

  • Create, edit & cancel contracts
  • Streamline claims processing
  • Consistency for your customers
  • Support complex approval flows
  • Monitor trends and outcomes

Comprehensive Process Management

Managing Unit Repairs
We help seamlessly manage the process, while reducing administrative costs.

  • Management of labor and tax rates
  • Claims submission by servicers
  • Integration with services & dealers
  • Integration with ERP systems
  • Support process planning

The Industry’s Leading Analytics

We provide critical information used to manage improve your program.

  • Granular cost tracking
  • Early warning system
  • Fraud monitoring & prevention

  • Customer satisfaction metrics
  • Servicer performance tracking
  • Supplier cost recovery
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